The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies

The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies is a research, education and documentation center in Oslo focusing on the Holocaust, other genocides, extremism, antisemitisim, hate speech, and the situation of minorities in contemporary societies.

Our museum is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions

The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies is normally open between 11 am and 4 pm every day during winter season. Updates on how the pandemic affects our events and other activities will be posted on and in our social media channels, so stay with us online.

As always, you will find our beautiful garden with a path leading to the popular beach Huk open to the cautious public. You are welcome to take a break on the benches by the entrance and in the garden on the other side of the building.

You could also make a short stop by the interesting piece of art work, Innocent Questions, on the façade of the building. The installation artist Arnold Dreyblatt has used an oversized punch card, focusing both on the Holocaust and current questions, to raise awareness of the violation of personal rights.

MINO in the making

Walking up the alley towards Villa Grande, on the right side of the building you will see – and probably hear! – a construction site. Here, the center's new wing MINO, designed by Transborder Studio, will open in late summer 2021.The annex will contain temporary exhibitions on minority issues in contemporary societies, as well as other present-day topics.

Peter Hayes Explaining the Holocaust

Welcome to a digital conversation between the Director of the Holocaust Center, Guri Hjeltnes and one of the world´s leading Holocaust experts, Peter Hayes, were he answers the most frequently asked questions about the genocide. 

Why the Jews? Why Germany? Why?...

The foundation for the conversation is Peter Hayes popular book Why? Explaining the Holocaust a book written for a lay audience.

Watch the conversation here Sunday 28 March at 2:00 PM.

Peter Hayes is a professor emeritus at Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University and was chairman of the academic committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum from 2014-2019.

Guided tours on Saturdays/Sundays:

Our exhibitions are mainly in Norwegian.
Guided tours in other languages are provided on request.

Contact us here in advance.


Adults NOK 70 / children NOK 30

Families NOK 130

Senior citizens and students NOK 50

Free admission with the Oslo Pass

The museum and the café are closed until further, due to Covid-19 restrictions.


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