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International publications:

Plesner, Ingvill Thorson (2016): “Law and Religion in Norway” in Encyplopedia on Law and Religion, edited by Gerhard Robbers et. al, Brill

Plesner, Ingvill Thorson and Vollebæk, Knut (2014). Constitutional protection of national minorities' rights in Norway: does it matter?. Nordic Journal of Human Rights. ISSN 1891-8131.  32(2), s 176- 187 . doi: 10.1080/18918131.2014.897800

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Plesner, Ingvill Thorson (2012). The European Court of Human Rights : between fundamentalist and liberal secularism, In W. Cole Durham (ed.),  Islam, Europe and emerging legal issues.  Ashgate.  ISBN 978-1-4094-3444-3.  Kapittel 2.  s 63 - 74

Plesner, Ingvill Thorson (2011). Religion and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, In John Witte & M. Christian Green (ed.), Religion and Human Rights.  Oxford University Press.  ISBN 9780199733453.  19.  s 316 - 330

Plesner, Ingvill Thorson (2010). Secularism - a quest for privatization of religion?, In Lisbeth Christoffersen; Kjell Åke Modéer; Svend Andersen & Niels Valdemar Vinding (ed.),  Law & Religion in the 21st Century - Nordic Perspectives.  Jurist- og Økonomforbundets Forlag.  ISBN 978-87-574-2368-6.  2.  s 295 - 321

Plesner, Ingvill T (2005): “Should the state support religion? Sociological and human rights perspectives” in Leirvik, Stålsett and Beyer (eds) The Power of Faiths, Novus

Plesner, Ingvill Thorsen (2004). Promoting Tolerance Through Religious Education, In Tore Lindholm; W. Cole Durham; Bahia Tahzib-Lie; Elizabeth A. Sewell & Lena Larsen (ed.), Facilitating Freedom of Religion or Belief: A Deskbook.  Kluwer Academic Publishers.  ISBN 90-04-13783-1.  chapter 36.  s 792 – 812

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Plesner, Ingvill T (2003): “Religio-political Models and Models for Religious and Moral Education” in Journal of Comparative Religious and Moral Education, Peter Schreiner (ed), Munster, Germany

Plesner, Ingvill T. (2001), "State Church and Church Autonomy in Norway" in Gerhard Robbers, ed, Church Autonomy. A Comparative Survey, Peter Lang, Germany


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