Forskningsopphold ved Berkeley, University of California: «Images of Muslims and Jews» (avsluttet)

Høst 2014 og vår 2015 er seniorforsker Cora Alexa Døving gjesteforsker ved Berkeley, University of California. Her vil hun være del av forskningsprosjektet «Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project» ved Department of Near Eastern Studies. Døvings forskningsmessige bidrag vil bestå i følgende to studier: «Images of Muslims and Jews in international debates» og «Jews and Muslims: inter-group images»

«Images of Muslims and Jews in international debates»

The United States has often been held up as an example for Europe to follow when it comes to tolerance of diversity, but does this make the prevalent images of Jews and Muslims in the San Francisco Bay Area different from those in Norway? She will analyze public debates relating to Jews and Muslims, focusing particularly on male circumcision, which has recently generated heated public debates in both places. Such debates bring forth strong value-based ideological conceptions drawn from a Western liberal canon and are therefore pertinent to the study of relationships between anxieties, religion, and prejudice.

«Jews and Muslims: inter-group images»

During her stay in Berkeley she will conduct a short fieldwork among Muslim and Jewish organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area and interview members about their respective views of one another. As a consequence of heated debates on male circumcision, new alliances between Muslim and Jewish organizations have emerged over this issue. This provides an interesting background for studying inter-group images between these two groups.


Emneord: Gruppekonstruksjon, Islamofobi, Antisemittisme, Minoriteter
Publisert 23. juni 2014 14:57 - Sist endret 23. sep. 2016 10:46