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New Religious Anxieties (avsluttet)

 A Study of Prejudice and Racism in Right Wing Extremism.

As a result of the cooperation between the Norwegian Holocaust Center and C-Rex (Center for Research on Extremism, University of Oslo), Cora Alexa Døving will be part of a team studying new forms of exclusion. Døving's hypothesis is that religion, ‘race’ and the rhetoric of fear function as three distinctive but often related templates for the production of new forms of prejudice and racism.  

Contemporary extreme right groups seldom explicitly adhere to “biological racism”, yet racism continues to be key elements of the groups discourse and ideology. In what ways are such ideas represented as something qualitatively different than biological racism?

At a time when liberal and secular societies in the Western world are undergoing monumental demographic and social changes and when religion is increasingly the subject of intense politicization and contestation, there is an urgent need to understand the role that sentiments, affects and antipathies generated by religion may play in producing racism and sympathies for extremist ideas. The project period started late spring 2017.



Emneord: Minoriteter, Ritualer
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