The Armenian Genocide and the Politics of Denial

International Conference, March 6, 10:00-16:00.

An estimated one million Armenians were murdered in what is commonly referred to as the first genocide of the Twentieth Century. The mass murder commenced in 1915 and was sanctioned by the Ottoman government. Turkish authorities have been consistently minimizing the scope and nature of atrocities ever since. The conference maps the state of current research on the Armenian genocide and grasps with a broader question of denial.  


Anton Weiss-Wendt (HL-senteret)

Keynote Address

Taner Akçam (Clark University, USA)

“The Armenian Genocide and the Issue of Radicalization in Decision-Making Process”

Session I: New Research on the Armenian Genocide

Chair: Anton Weiss-Wendt

Matthias Bjørnlund (Danish Institute for Study Abroad)

“The Armenian Genocide as Scandinavian History”

Sigurd Sverre Stangeland (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

“Involvement of German Military Officers in Rescue Operations during the Armenian Genocide”

Vahé Tachjian (The Houshamadyan Project, Germany)

“Diaries, Memoirs, and Memory Books: Unsilenced Voices of Ottoman Armenian History and Genocide”


Lunch (Café Villa Grande)


Opening of the Temporary Exhibition

“The Scandinavian Response to the Armenian Genocide”


Session II: Critical Assessment of Genocide Denial

Chair: Bård Larsen (liberal think tank Civita, Norway)

Uğur Ümit Üngör (University of Utrecht, the Netherlands)

“Contested Past: The Armenian Genocide in Turkish Official History and Social Memory”

Seyhan Bayraktar (Independent scholar, USA)

“The Making of a Non-Event: The Changing Narrative of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey”

Yair Auron (The Open University of Israel)

“Recognition and Denial: France, Israel, and the Armenian Genocide”

Anton Weiss-Wendt (HL-senteret)

“The Soviet Discourse on Genocide and Socialist Armenia”


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Deadline for registration: March 2.


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