Introductory Remarks (10:00-10:15):

Anton Weiss-Wendt (HL-senteret, Norway)


Session 1 (10:15-12:00): Confinement, Mass Murder, and Genocide

Chair: Anton Weiss-Wendt

Shannon L. Fogg (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)
“Assimilation and Persecution of Roma in Vichy France”

Alexander Korb (University of Leicester, UK)
“Ustasha Mass Violence against Roma in Croatia, 1941-1942”

Martin Holler (Humboldt University, Germany)
“The Nazi Persecution of Roma in Northwestern Russia: The Operational Area of the Army Group North, 1941-1944”


Lunch (12:00-13:00)


Session 2 (13:00-14:00): Studying the Porajmos in Norway

Chair: Chalak Kaveh (University of Oslo, Norway)

Johanne Bergkvist & Kai-Samuel Vigardt (Oslo City Archives, minority historian Romanimanus rakrar avri!, Norway)
“Planning the Final Solution of the ‘Gypsy Question’ in Norway”

Natalina Jansen (Le Norveganongi Romengi historia research group, Norway)
“A Grandchild of the Norwegian Roma Survivor Milos Karoli Remembers the Genocide”


Session 3 (14:00-16:00): Restitution and Commemoration

Chair: Maria Rosvoll (HL-senteret, Norway)

Julia von dem Knesebeck (K5 Publishing, Germany)
”The Roma Struggle for Compensation in Postwar Germany”

Nadine Blumer (U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, USA)
“Disentangling the Hierarchy of Victimhood: Commemorating Sinti & Roma and Jews in Germany”

Sławomir Kapralski (Polish Academy of Sciences)
“A Nation from the Ashes: Memory of Genocide and Roma Identity”

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