Genocide in Darfur: Historical Perspectives and Ongoing Processes of Destruction

This presentation will explore the roots of the genocide now being carried out,

, in the Western region of Sudan, Darfur.

Joyce Apsel Ph.D., J.D. HL-senteret and New York University
Darfur fits into genocidal patterns characteristic of genocides throughout the twentieth century from fostering ideologies of hate to carrying out rape and killing to impunity for the perpetrators.
Sudan is the largest country in Africa, and it has more internally displaced people than any other country in the world. The Government of Sudan has been described as 'rule by serial genocide," and Darfur is the latest chapter in this tragic history. The situation is complex including: the directives and actions of the Government of Sudan, its military and proxy militias, the Janjaweed; the over 2.5 million displaced human beings living in 'gatherings" in Darfur; the increasingly splintered rebel groups as well as regional and international actors.
The talk will include discussion of the Darfur Peace Agreement of May 2006 and why the political and humanitarian situation on the ground has become more complicated and worsened in its aftermath. What possibilities are there for productive new negotiations? What are the repercussions on the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (2003) between North and South? How can the needs of people on the ground be met, and what hope is there for millions of human beings to return to their homes and to begin to re-establish their traditional means of livelihood and way of life?

Dr. Joyce Apsel Ph.D.; J.D. is a Master Teacher of Humanities at the Colloege of Arts & Sciences at New York University. In Fall term 2007, she is Visiting Scholar at HL-senteret and teaching a graduate course at Oslo University teaching a graduate seminar on Genocide and Human Rights. She was Vice-President and President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars and former Director of Education for the Anne Frank Center USA. She is Founder and Director of RightsWorks International, an international human rights education project and a juror for the Lemkin Award, a biennial award for the outstanding work on genocide. Her publications include Darfur Genocide Before Our Eyes (rev. ed. 2007), Teaching about Human Rights (2005) and with Helen Fein, Teaching about Genocide (3rd ed. 2002), and articles on topics including children's rights, educating about genocide and human rights, and the history of genocide studies.
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