Historical and Current Perspectives on Persecution of Sinti & Roma in Europe

The exhibition "The Holocaust against the Roma and Sinti" constitutes the background for this seminar. Leading researchers will present different aspects of both the historical and contemporary discrimination and persecution of the Roma and Sinti in Europe.



Conference Program

9:30 Introductory remarks by Jahn Otto Johansen (Special Correspondent, Norway),
9:40 Session 1: Nazi Persecution of Sinti & Roma: European and Scandinavian Perspectives




  • Moderator: Anton Weiss-Wendt (HL-senteret)
  • Wolfgang Wippermann (Freie Universitaet, Germany)

    Anti-Gypsyism and Anti-Semitism in Comparison (Before, During, and After the Holocaust)

  • Henriette Asséo (l'École des hautes études en sciences sociale, France)

    West European Perspective on Persecution of Sinti & Roma

  • Martin Holler (Freie Universitaet, Germany)

    East European Perspective on Persecution of Sinti & Roma

11:20 General Discussion
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 Session 2: Discrimination Against Roma People in Contemporary Europe



  • Moderator: Joyce Apsel (New York University/HL-senteret)
  • Elisabeth Eide (Cultural complexity in the new Norway, University of Oslo),

    Roma in Norway: from discourses of fear to exoticism

  • Julie Chadbourne (Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Kosovo representative)

    Sinti & Roma in Kosovo: Caught in the Fires of Ethnic Hatred

  • Ada Engebrigsten (NOVA, Norway)

    Romanian Roma: From Slavery to Renomadisation

  • Julia Szalai (Hungarian Academy of Science/Central European University)

    'Cultural Diversity' or Institutional Discrimination? Challenges of Gender, Race, and Poverty for Hungary's the Post-communist Welfare State


14:15 General Discussion
15:00 Final Remarks


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